Are you planning on getting engaged? And, looking for the right time? There is nothing better than now, especially during the Black Friday sale. You can start looking for deals when you shop for an engagement ring. To help you, here are some companies that offer a diamond engagement ring sale.
Purely Diamonds One of the best places to buy conflict-free diamonds is Purely Diamonds. As the name suggests, the brand deals solely in one kind of gem, and their specialization is evident in each of their jewelry pieces. While pendants and earrings are also on the table, the company offers various customizations and specifications on engagement rings. You can save in pounds, pun intended, as this UK-based company offers a 10% discount for Black Friday. Be sure to browse through their website for more details to buy the perfect ring without emptying your wallet. Diamond Nexus If buying close to home is important to you, consider Diamond Nexus for declaring your love. While statistics show that the average American spends $5,600 on their ring, the Forever Companies brand rejects this by offering a cheaper, eco-friendly option. Their patented Nexus Diamonds are conflict-free because fine jewelry is handcrafted in labs and is an environmentally superior heirloom-quality alternative stone. Bedazzle your significant other without denting your savings. You can get up to 70% off till the 22nd of November, on account of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. You get an assured 20% discount on all engagement rings in the festive season. Be sure to check if this brand has the perfect ring for your partner. Brillianteers Claiming to have “solved” engagement rings for you, Brillianteers must be one of the brands you should consider. The company lets you choose between natural, conflict-free, ethically-sourced diamonds and lab-made ones. They handpick the diamonds and promise only the best for their customers. You can customize designs and can be confident that only the best craftsmen handle your order. Avail of up to 40% off for Black Friday, as well as spin a wheel and see how much luck is willing to save you by a further reduction in price. The discount will ease your wallet, and the 30 years of experience of Brillianteers will ease your heart. Genome Diamonds Offering Luxury worldwide is not just their tagline. This Indian company has been a leading diamond manufacturer of high-quality engagement rings for almost 50 years. They deal in natural diamonds, all ethically sourced from the world’s diamond polishing hub, Surat. The company allows you to buy online and delivers worldwide. You can get a variety of diamond jewelry made by the finest artisans using the latest technologies. If it is fine jewelry at an affordable price you are looking for, visit their website to get a code for Black Friday discounts of up to 30%. Jared While many are getting used to online shopping, Jared is a good option for those who prefer brick-and-mortar store shopping for your engagement rings. Whether you choose lab-made or natural diamonds, Jared promises top quality and offers a lifetime guarantee. A part of Signet Jewelers, the world’s largest diamond retailer, Jared delivers accessible luxury jewelry from more than 200 stores across the country to anywhere in the 50 states. Be sure to take advantage of their 2021 Black Friday Sale before the 25th of November.