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Nava Health & Vitality Center
Nava takes an integrative approach to health optimization and longevity by providing our clients comprehensive wellness treatment plans, services, and products. Navas approach to integrative wellness combines conventional and natural treatments and services, with modality experts working together as a team to help prevent and treat disease. We believe that by offering innovative approaches that do not only treat the symptoms but that encompass the root causes of illness, we can not only treat chronic disease but help to prevent disease progression, increase longevity and improve quality of life.

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Angels Home Health Care

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Acer Health Inc.
AcerHealth is one of the fastest growing medical billing and EHR solutions companies in America. We provide revenue cycle and practice management services

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Dr. Noosha, Natural Health : Noosha Shambayati, NMD, IFM
The team at Dr. Noosha, Natural Health welcomes clients at their offices in Herndon and Ashburn, Virginia with a focus on teleheath, where they focus on helping each person optimize their energy and health, prevent disease, manage numerous chronic complex conditions and overall renew their body, mind, and spirit. Noosha Shambayati, NMD, is a telehealth-focused naturopathic medical doctor specializing in gastrointestinal (gut) and hormonal health. She committed to a life of service, additionally with rigorous training in integrative functional medicine. She enjoys spending time with each person, learning about their individual stories and diving into all the facets of their physical, mental, social, and spiritual health.  Then she performs advanced functional lab tests and blood work. She uses the information to find the root of illness and disease, allowing her to care for the whole person. While Dr. Noosha provides holistic care for the full spectrum of physical and mental health conditions, she specializes in chronic infections, digestive health, immunology, womens health, and mental health. People often seek her help for sleep disorders and brain fog. Dr. Noosha creates individualized healing plans incorporating modern medical care, integrative and functional medicine, herbal medicine, nutritional therapy, and lifestyle changes. By carefully choosing the most appropriate therapies, she stimulates and strengthens the bodys natural healing processes, helping clients achieve vibrant health. As an undergraduate at the University of Maryland in College Park, Maryland, Dr. Noosha studied human biological sciences with a focus on neuroscience and behavioral psychology. After graduating, she received her naturopathic medical degree from Bastyr University in San Diego, California. Bastyr is a renowned institution for naturopathic and alternative medicine. Dr. Noosha completed a rigorous four-year medical program that covered the curriculum of a conventional medical school plus more than 500 hours of nutrition, botanical medicine, physical manipulation, and other integrative therapies. To learn more about functional and integrative medicine or schedule a health care consultation, call the office or use the convenient online booking feature today. 

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Harmony Private Home Health Care LLC

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